Shiraz ‘Done The Dirty’ (2018, Single Mini Review)

With her effortless flow and conversational lyrics, ‘Done The Dirty’ is poetically honest and direct in detailing a relationship gone sour. Shiraz brings her soft velvet-like vocals to the forefront, with each pronunciation flowing seamlessly between each emotion.

Born in Israel to a Moroccan Jewish father and British mother Shiraz has not looked back on her musical career since singing with the Young Voices choir all over the country at the age of 9.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

‘Done the Dirty’ is smooth and confident, with a certain energy surrounding it. It does not sugar coat a relationship breaking down, instead, it is honest and straightforward.

As Shiraz laments on the closing line “You done the dirt and so we are done.”

It is really here that we are shown themes of unfaithfulness and betrayal from the others side. With a range of emotions being explored from the one being cheated on (referenced as “you done the dirt”). What is unique about this particular ballad is the way that Shiraz remains strong and does not back down (even when her other is pleading for her back). Further representing karma and showing that actions have consequences. Which is very raw and naturalistic (as opposed to a gloss like fairytale of giving forgiveness towards the other in love, so easily).

After performing her first solo gig at the age of 11 followed by a number of successful Open Mic nights over the years, Shiraz has since gone on to be played on a large number of radio stations as well as perform on the BBC Introducing stage to name but a few achievements.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

My Rating: Fresh


With a natural flow and understanding of each beat, Shiraz is most definitely a star in the making. She carries a certain type of confidence and vulnerability that is very raw and relatable. Without glossing over each emotion or Shiraz serves up the confrontation well as she calls out a relationship for what it is. 

Her new single Done The Dirty is likely to increase her profile further and you can find more information on this along with additional details on Shiraz by visiting her website or you can follow her on Twitter at


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