Heren Wolf ‘I Gave You Flowers’ (2018, Single, Mini Review)

Brought up in Italy but now living in London, Heren Wolf now returns with his second single, I Gave You Flowers which was written in response to the passing away of his father.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

Wolf’s unique vocals catapult his farewell message to such a height that as a listener we are compelled to listen as each tear falls from our face. He makes us listen to each word and feel each flooding emotion. Wolf is an artist of great calibre, balancing emotion and poetic nuance in such a way that it feels almost silk-like as his voice floats between each harmony.

Beautifully sorrowful and melancholy, I Gave You Flowers is a farewell message like no other. It is harrowingly haunting, eclipsing the passing of a loved one with such clarity and emotion. Wolf is finding a safe passage as he laments his fathers passing in a way that is spellbindingly clear.

Rating: One to watch

Wolf poetically describes his Dad’s passing with such depth and raw emotion that it is simply hard to ignore. He is triumphant in his delivery and beautifully on form making his father proud with each beat, word and vocal prowess. As an artist and creative he is bearing his soul in an emotionally driven song that is so raw and earnest. Wolf keeps shining on his second single (his most personal song yet), as he soars to new heights and keeps on growing as a mature artist. Compelled further through beautifully soul rendered lyrics and a clear grasp for emotion and cinematic brilliance. In definition, he eclipses human emotion so well that he makes the listener feel each tear, emotion, chord and more.

With a sound described as being a heterogeneous mixture of cinematic, soul with electro-pop elements creating a dark, melancholic landscape, you can find more details on Heren Wolf including information on how you can purchase his material by visiting or you can follow him on social media at and


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