MAI.K ‘Little Arab Girl’- Single Review

A Syrian music star in the making, MAI.K brings her emotions to the front-line, as she sings poetically on ‘Little Arab Girl’ a self memoir of soughts, highlighting her roots, who she is and what she has been through. It is here that MAI.K strips everything back as she lets her story shine through a haunting background score which holds her powerful vocals entirely throughout.

Having moved from Syria to London, England via Germany at the age of ten, Mai Khalil had not even heard of RnB music until she stumbled across a Smooth Grooves Rnb Edition CD left on the road outside her home.  From that day on it was the beginning of Mai’s journey to finding her own sound.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

Khalil sings “What escape has she from a life that she did not choose, would you walk a mile in her shoes? Without wanting a change of circumstance…

It is really here that Khalil bares the pain, anguish and fright with words that are really soul shattering- making sure to connect with her audience in the most sincere way possible. For Khalil songwriting is her way of telling her story, as if she is tearing pages out her diary and sharing each chapter with the world. For her, emotion, integrity, vulnerability and support is what she believes in, with these central themes coming through in her songwriting.

After gaining a name for herself on the London music scene, her paths crossed with rapper and activist Lowkey which resulted in a number of collaborations together, garnering millions of plays on YouTube; their most recent being Ghosts Of Grenfell which you can view HERE.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

Khalil embodies what it means to be a fighter, as she is channelling her inner strength. For a person who has been through so much, (especially through her childhood), Khalil makes sure that this doesn’t define her instead she uses it to show that she has been through it and has come out the other end even stronger. She is now a voice for change, and is extremely vocal in how she uses it with her songs paying close testament to this. 

“Despite MAI.K’s efforts to stray from the political path she once occupied in her early career, “Little Arab Girl” finds the singer once again, giving a voice and platform to those in need. In consideration of the current demonisation of Arab nations, this is a story which has come exactly at the right time, with great potential to educate Westerners on the harsh realities faced by many families.”– (Audio and Davies, 2019)

“Now being known as MAI.K with the aim to become the first Syrian Pop star, her new EP Change will be released on 26th April and is already receiving positive reviews. In addition to this, she has since performed at the Royal Albert Hall with Lowkey and will shortly be interviewed on BBC London.”Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

Rating: One to watch

If ‘Little Arab Girl’ (re-release) is anything to go by, Khalil is certainly not one to be slept on. With her bold drive, tenacity and sheer talent in harnessing her raw emotions with her songs, she is certainly one to watch. She is a true song bird who has found her wings and is flying with every situation, outcome and circumstance through the tough times and the good. 

Further information on MAI.K can be found on her website or you can follow her on social media at: and


[Interview Quote]: Audio, A. and Davies, N. (2019). MAI.K; “AN UNBEATABLE HEROINE THAT DOES NOT LET INCONSEQUENTIAL SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS DETERMINE HER PATH”. [online] Absolutely Audio. Available at: [Accessed 13 Apr. 2019].

[Cover Image]: Audio, A. and Davies, N. (2019). MAI.K; “AN UNBEATABLE HEROINE THAT DOES NOT LET INCONSEQUENTIAL SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS DETERMINE HER PATH”. [online] Absolutely Audio. Available at: [Accessed 13 Apr. 2019].



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