Hannah Brown ‘So Should You’ -Single (Review)

Having always had a passion for music, Hannah Brown initially played the drums before settling on her Mum’s guitar and developing her instrumental and songwriting skills.  
Since then, she has gone on to receive radio exposure and rave reviews which helped contribute towards her being chosen by Jo Whiley to play a BBC live showcase in Birmingham as part of the BBC Music Awards, and also be nominated for Best Folk/Country artist at the Birmingham Music Awards  to name but a few achievements.
Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

Her latest release titled ‘So Should You’ is beautifully earnest and poetic. It is a song that unfolds as a self-professed anthem for confidence, self-worth and acceptance.

Brown sings, in the opening:

“Why the disguise? Your working so damn hard to hide who you really are.

I see the way you lie, you don’t respect me at all so why should I have to try.

Then I remember who I am.”- So Should You (Hannah Brown)

Overall ‘So Should You’ pairs Brown’s mystical vocals nicely with earnest lyrics. It is pure songwriting at its finest, with each lyric striking a cord within one’s self. S.S.Y  is a song that will resonate with many, making it even more delicate, poetic and beautiful.

Best listened to when winding down or even whilst driving on a long stretch of road. Prepare to let your heart soar in love, as your confidence lifts, as Brown takes you on a journey of inner self-worth and belief. An independent ballad for all, So Should You will leave you wanting to press the repeat button as quick as possible.

Described as being soulful, raw and deeply emotional, you can find more information on Birmingham’s own ‘Hannah Brown, by visiting her website www.hannah-brown.co.uk or you can follow her on social media at www.facebook.com/HannahBrownUK and www.twitter.com/hannahlizzy

Cover Photo source: Songwall [hannah_brown_ort_cafe_singer_songwriter_lores]

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