Charlotte Lawrence ‘Young’ EP (2018)

After her strong assured debut single back in 2017 titled ‘Sleep Talking’, Lawrence is back with her first extended play titled ‘Young’. It is filled with high tempo beats, slow burners and Lawrence’s own unique raspy vocals. With her keen eye for storytelling and her apt attitude when singing about love, failed relationships and a lovers tryst. Lawrence is incredibly raw and mature, as her voice is distinct and powerfully raspy when she reaches those high notes and sustains her dreamy vocals for maximum impact.

Her latest single off her debut EP called I Bet, narrates Lawrence discussing a Lover she knows is not doing what he told her he would do. I Bet is an anthem for those who have found deceit through love and who were left heartbroken by it but were still left with their heart intact.

As Lawrence sings:

“I bet you’re at some afterparty
Chasing your whiskey with some coke
You’re with some girls who look just like me
I bet you bet I’ll never know”

On the whole, I Bet is an extremely personal song with a very catchy hook which is sure to get your attention.

Final Verdict

Overall Young is a very solid debut from an artist who is just picking up speed. As a young artist, Lawrence is in control of her own identity and vocal style. She is the definition of being a ‘free spirit’ as she laments about love, heartbreak and life.

Lawrence is certainly one to watch as she tours this summer with American singer & songwriter Lauv (best known for his hit single ‘I Like Me Better’).

Young (EP) is available now on all major streaming services.

*Cover Image:

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