GG ‘Valentine’ (Single Review)

One of GG’s acclaimed tracks. Source: Twitter

GG, is a passionate award-winning actress and recording artist with multicultural roots. Las Vegas is where she is currently working on writing and producing her next single. She hopes to emerge as the first teen EDM Trap House recording artist. GG’s sound is tuneful, melodic and direct, and her stunning vocals are just as intuitive and earnest as her deep lyrics. She knows how to write poignant songs that connect with listeners in a deep and meaningful way. GG made her break onto the global music scene earlier in 2018, releasing her striking debut EP.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

Best known for her acting (having played the role of Jessy in the MMA film franchise Street), 13-year-old GG is now beginning to create huge inroads into the global music scene too.

Her latest single Valentine is very reminiscent of Pop Star Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend phase. With a punchy hook and a slow infused melody, Valentine is a love ballad for the young. With wide audience appeal, Valentine is sure to impress and sustain music play, as it marks Cesare’s entry into pop/EDM infused music incredibly well.

Although young in age, Cesare’s maturity and ‘old soul’ like singing style impresses even more. With an already established presence as an actress, Cesare is just getting the ball rolling as 2018 is set to be an important and impactful year for her as she grows from strength to strength as an artist and actress.

GG has conceived a unique blend of R&B, soul and pop music with a twist. Even at the young age of 13, she is already making headlines, not only as a musician, but also as an actress. Last year, she received an unprecedented nomination at the Imagen Awards for Best Actress in a feature film competing against fellow nominees Salma Hayek and Eva Longoria.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

Overall Valentine certainly grabs our attention, as we are shown Cesare’s own vocal power and range. It is infectious Pop at its finest, as we see Cesare lament about love and loyalty.

“I was just thinking about the way you make me smile…I was just thinking maybe you could stay for a while…Valentine…Valentine..”- Valentine (GG)

Cesare is definitely one to watch this Summer!

Rating: ***

You can find out more information on GG by visiting her website or you can follow her on social media at and

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