Cover: Image courtesy of Daughter (band)-Label: 4AD/Glass Note

Deriving from England, Daughter is an atmospheric indie folk band (founded in 2010) comprising of three members. Who are Elena Tonra (born 15 January 1990 from North London), guitarist Igor Haefeli (Swiss-born) and drummer Remi Aguilella who is from France.

The band’s new track ‘Burn it Down’ is filled with angst, strong beats, melancholy vocals and lyrics which are alluring and bespoke. ‘Burn it Down’ is as much ghostly as it is catchy, with Elena’s strong vocals, B.I.D is definitely a song worth checking out now as it’s sure to make your ‘trending’ playlist very soon. The song follows in a similar vein to many of Daughters tracks, however, in this case, it is off an official video game soundtrack (of which they have recorded for). Therefore is certainly a new market which they are tapping into.

Written by the band themselves, their songwriting skills are very apparent as they are gaining more recognition with time, seeing as they write their own music too. As they have done on their previous 2 albums including their debut If You Leave (released in 2013, coming in at number 16 on the official UK Charts and gaining critical acclaim from many critics with an overall Metacritic score of 72/100).

Notes about the background of the album:

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm is the prequel to 2015’s award-winning Life Is Strange by Square Enix, the Japanese developer also responsible for the Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider franchises. (A press release explains, “It was a boundary-breaking video game, with principal characters drawn from real life facing everyday issues, touching upon difficult situations such as bullying, suicide, teen pregnancy as well as tackling the complexities of love and friendship.”)

-Chris DeVille/ [4]

Check out the song here:

My Rating: 8.5/10

Burn it Down is definitely spellbinding and poignant. Which is perfect for an equally visual masterpiece (the game itself). Thus is sure to go down a storm with many, as it certainly speaks volumes and fits in well with the well constructed and written game. Therefore if you are sold on tight lyrical content, stunning vocals, defiant ambience and other strong beats then make sure to check out Burn it Down by Daughter as its a song that will not disappoint. Further blowing away your expectations as the band keeps growing from strength to strength with every new record and even musical step.

Burn it Down (taken from the official soundtrack of ‘Before The Storm’) is available in stores and nationwide now and on SpotifyApple Music and other streaming services.


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