Lily Allen ‘No Shame’ (2018)

*Cover Image: Source: Radio NZ

Pop’s unapologetic star returns, with her most deeply personal album yet. With no topic off limits, Allen’s songwriting is conversationally direct and raw. Through ‘No Shame’ she reminds us once again why she is one of Britains most highly underrated stars in recent years.

‘Audio with Ash’ Rating: 8.5/10

One of music’s most outspoken pop stars returns to the limelight once more with her fourth album, after her last album Sheezus (2014). Serving as Allen’s most personal and intimately reflective album yet, ‘No Shame’ see’s Allen explore the demise of her marriage, the press, politics and more.

Allen’s title track sets the tone and pace for the album itself. It features Allen at her best, sharing her opinions and being truly honest as she laments:

“I tried to keep an open mind
I feel like I’m under attack all of the time
I’m compromised”

“My head can’t always hold itself so high
What if inside I’m, dying
Every night I’m crying”
The lyrics here speak of Allen’s own truth and her experience in dealing with a broken marriage and the pressures of fame itself. It is a song that sets the stage for Allen to be as completely honest and true to herself in an album that reminds us of her debut, where she was the most expressive and unapologetic she could be.

In an interview with Stereogum (regarding her new album) Lily said:

“I wanted it to be really good, but I also wanted to A&R it myself and I wanted to make it myself. Like, I didn’t wanna do the traditional way of doing things. I didn’t wanna make a record with singles for radio.”

Allens first single off of No Shame sees her team up with grime artist Giggs. Serving as her comeback track, Trigger Bang is conversational, direct, honest and truly Allen. It is a song which features Allen in full throttle as she describes what she is truly feeling in the moment, with catchy verses provided by Giggs supporting Allen through her lyrical journey of being honest and direct.

Overall ‘No Shame’ is Allen’s revival after her previous record received a mixed response back in 2014. Her fourth album is filled with lyrical honesty and sentimental value. For someone as outspoken as Allen, No Shame is raw, earnestly honest and rough around the edges. Its experimentation with various genres and influence of trap music sees Allen go into a different playing field (musically), one that she so effortlessly flows and weaves her own trademark signature into. Similar to Allen herself, it’s strength lies in what it stands for and how its ‘trademark Allen’. As it borrows similar lyrical content to her debut, just more spruced up and updated this time around (in terms of Allen’s own situation as a divorcee and a re-discovered singer).




No Shame is available now via Parlophone Records

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