Pretty Gritty ‘Seven Year Itch’ (2018)- Album Review

Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, Pretty Gritty are back with their second offering. With a unique country-tinged sound and honest lyrics, Pretty Gritty are a product of pure artist honesty and integrity. Having not taken the ‘superstar- talent show route’ and instead of taking the ‘hard road’ of disappointments, setbacks and pitfalls, Pretty Gritty are showing us once again the true meaning of hard work and persistence. With no signs of slowing down, ‘Seven Year Itch’ is one of 2018’s most assured country albums yet (not a part of a major label or company). It is an album that is best listened too with a shot of bourbon whiskey. Pretty Gritty are on a mission to give us unabashed, pure and raw country music and they certainly do not disappoint.

“Having originally formed in Maryland in 2010 and completing a number of DIY national tours where they covered ground in various US states, Sarah Wolff and Blaine Heinonen’s Pretty Gritty went on to release their 2012 self-titled debut album to much critical acclaim and winning 2 Indie Music Channel awards for Best Country Song and Best Folk Song.”- (Official Pretty Gritty Press Kit- Courtesy of Rob Saunders D.M)

On the album’s title track ‘If I were a carpenter’ Pretty Gritty lament:

“If I were a carpenter and you were a lady would you marry me anyway, would you have my baby…”

As soon as the song starts our ears are caressed with a traditional country sound, one that is purely nostalgic and timeless. It is here that we begin to fall for the charm and grace that is Pretty Gritty. Like a dream that we don’t want to end or a horseback ride that seems to go on forever, Seven Year Itch is one that we can definitely get used to and feel comfortable with as its classically country and nothing else.

Pretty Gritty’s main release from the album includes the slow romantic burner titled

“Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”. Having received over 53K views on Youtube (as of June 2018) and amassing praise from audiences a like LDLHA is a song for broken hearts, singletons and those wanting to be taken on a journey filled with love, reflection and honesty.

*Official Video (YouTube/PrettyGritty)

Rating: *****

Overall ‘Seven Year Itch’ is a very impressive body of work from a traditional country duo. It is bold, beautifully classic and impeccably Country. With both vocals impeccably crafted and delicately woven together, Pretty Gritty are on the rise slowly but steadily as they begin to take off.

Top Tracks:

  1. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
  2. If I Were a Carpenter
  3. Bone to Pick
  4. Every Road
  5. Sunday Road

For more content and updates why not visit Pretty Gritty’s official website now:

Author: Ashish Patel



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