Tom Auton ‘9 Til 9’- Single Review

“I’m working 9 til 9 to get this off my mind…”

Tom Auton (‘9 Til 9’ Chorus)

Tom Auton returns with his latest offering titled 9 til 9. Right from the start Auton sets the scene and welcomes us with his infectious presence as he shouts “3, 4”, as he makes it clear that he has some things to get off his chest. He starts by describing how he feels and what he wants to say, doing it in a way that is not only very catchy but also very smooth too. In a way, Auton knows that he wants his audience to feel something from his music and ‘9 Til 9’ is no different, as he brings us emotion, flare, diaryistic lyrics and very punchy beats. The electric guitar never overshadows Auton, rather makes his voice even more grand. It offers him the space to really show of his tone, depth and clear diction.

When listening to Auton, the likes of Royal Blood, Black Keys and even The Muse come to mind. It’s as if Auton falls in between these three artists but manages to hold his own, with his own brand of flare, cheekiness and edge. What’s even more appealing is that he switches from a direct conversational tone to a more softer tone, showing that he can be as versatile as a chameleon when he needs to be. This in itself shows that Auton is not only aware of who he is but knows that he can switch it up at any time to show the different shades to his brand of alt-rock, as each artist brings their own to the genre in different ways, just as Auton does in his latest single.

Rating: Artist on the Rise

With his alternative rock punk edge and his punchy lyrics, Auton doesn’t shy away from telling us how he feels in his music. He is honest, direct, and calculated in his delivery, every line is sharp, well thought out and very catchy. His lyrics are not only refreshingly edgy but they also bring about a little nostalgia, reminding us of alternative rock legends that have come before him such as The Arctic Monkeys and the Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few. ‘9 Til 9’ not only wants us to listen to Auton more but also to see where he is going. It is clear he has drive and ambition but without the pretentiousness that some artists may carry with them. His lyrics are fun, punchy and carry a little old school feel to them, making him even more appealing to a larger audience. As Tom laments in the chorus “I’m working 9 til 9 to get this off my mind…”, immediately grabbing our attention and getting us hooked until the end.

9 Til 9 is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms including Spotify & more.

You can find more information on Tom Auton by visiting his website


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