Erin Bloomer ‘She’ll Be Gone’- Single Review

Confident and mystical, Erin Bloomer comes through with her latest single titled ‘She’ll Be Gone’. Upon first listen, one can easily determine that the song will be a bop. With an infectious hum as a back beat and some mystifying vocals from Bloomer herself, ‘She’ll Be Gone’ is an anthem of defiant independence from a relationship that has finished its course.

When listening to Bloomer, the likes of Julia Michaels and Tove Lo comes to mind. It is as if Bloomer is the hypothetical ‘little sister’ of both respective pop stars, as she delivers with her conversational lyricism, honesty and a very catchy hum (serving as the songs back beat). ‘She’ll Be Gone’ will certainly not miss any of your playlists as you’ll most likely be finding yourself adding the song right away to your Spotify playlist (or your Youtube Queue).

Rating: One to watch

With her honest lyrical capabilities and realness, Bloomer is certainly one to watch. Her latest offering is fiercely independent and very (very) catchy. It is a break up anthem with a twist as it turns the tables on the aftermath of a relationship and the ‘in-between tendencies’. In essence, it is about keeping your independence and not letting the other person (who you were in a relationship with) in again. Who has lied and shown you a version of themselves that you didn’t sign up for. Prepare to play Bloomer’s song on repeat and to bop along to it, as she is just getting started.  

You can find more information on Erin Bloomer by visiting her website or you can follow her on social media at and



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