Tammy ‘No Good 4 Me’- Single Review

Now aged 21, Tammy releases her new single, No Good 4 Me which touches upon narcissistic relationships.Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

‘No Good 4 Me’ is 21-year-old singer-songwriter Tammy’s own open letter to narcissistic relationships. It is extremely raw and vulnerable, with pure emotion taking centre stage.

With each lyric and note emphasised clearly, Tammy holds her own through an extremely personal song. It is really through these lyrics that we begin to understand who Tammy is as a passionate and skilled singer-songwriter.

Raised by strict creationist parents who have since become her drive to rebel against, Tamara Buckley aka Tammy decided to learn piano instead of studying and wrote her first song at the age of 13. – Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)
With similar vocal stylings to American Singer-Songwriter BANKS [1], Tammy favours lyrical honesty over a minimal  (at times) yet impactful production. It is really through this particular arrangement that Tammy’s vocals are heard ever so clearly, with a background beat that carries the narrative along well rather than being distracting.

On ‘No Good 4 Me’ Tammy laments:

“Staring at my phone, staring at my phone…Don’t know if your numbers ever gonna show…Don’t know where your going, don’t know where you go…Knowing that it’s done knowing this isn’t fun…Let the tears fall…Make my mascara run…”

It is really through these lyrics that we get to explore all that Tammy is feeling within a narcissistic relationship. Her power comes from her exploration of the relationship and how she is reciting each moment and how she feels.

As she sings in the chorus:

“Just when you’re good your so good, and when you are bad your so bad… Your no good for me and I’m misunderstood…”

It is really through this chorus that Tammy brings her vocal A-game to the forefront, as we begin to hear each crack and echo that hauntingly elevates her voice to new heights. She is not only very honest but she is extremely real in her exploration of what she is going through in a toxic relationship.

Rating: ****

Overall, ‘No Good 4 Me’ is an eery introspective song discussing a narcissistic relationship. In its most vulnerable form, the song is well composed and sung as if Tammy is reciting a page from her own personal diary as each lyric speaks for itself and has ripple effects even after Tammy has finished singing. Although she is just beginning to come into her own, Tammy is definitely one to watch as she carries her own emotions on her sleeve and sings with such rawness and emotion that its as if she is directly having a conversation with you (reciting her pain and feelings when in a narcissistic relationship).

You can find more information on Tammy by visiting her website www.tammyofficial.com or you can follow her on social media at www.facebook.com/pg/TamaraOfficialx and www.instagram.com/tammyofficialx


[1] Wikipedia. 2019. Banks (singer) – Wikipedia. [ONLINE] Available at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banks_(singer). [Accessed 12 July 2019].


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