Lilith ‘Come to My Oasis’ Single (Mini Review)

Lilith returns with her latest single ‘Come to My Oasis’. With her velvet like vocals and her deeply resonant song writing skills, Lilith knows how to command a microphone. At only 14, Lilith sings with the emotional power of someone who has seen the ups and downs of life. It is truly magical and transcending to see her breathe life into each lyric, as her voice lifts each note up from the page even more.

Lilith also picked up a highly commended certificate at the 2017 UK Songwriting Competition. These achievements are made even more remarkable as she is still only 14 years old.Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

Lilith laments: “Come to my Oasis, come to my oasis where lights have never shined so bright, darkness risen since morning light…”

Her latest single is filled with angst and emotion, ‘Come to My Oasis’ starts very hauntingly, however picks up and begins to build tempo and movement. It is a song where Lilith’s vocal range is demonstrated well, with her pitch ranging from low to high. What is great to see is that Lilith experiments with her genres and is not afraid to blend in indie with slow tempo pop.

Review: ****

With a clear and distinct voice, Lilith makes sure she has your attention as she breathes life into every sound, lyric and emotion. It is hard to believe at only fourteen, Lilith has mastered the art of true agility and restraint with her vocals. As if she is painting on a blank canvas, Lilith commands each brush stroke and colour choice. She knows what she is doing and she understands her craft, making here even more fascinating to listen too. As Lilith goes from strength to strength, her vocals only get stronger as she builds on her life experiences and brings in each situation into her songwriting. She is certainly her own master with power, humbleness and grace. Lilith is definitely not one to miss.

Further details on Lilith and her new single can be found on her website or you can follow her on social media at


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