Freya Alley ‘Another Man’- 2018, Single Review

Freya Alley is a driven, direct and versatile singer ‐ songwriter currently based in London. Her sound is a unique combination of amazing pop music, electronica and a lot more. Freya keeps pursuing her artistry with vision and integrity.

Alley, Freya, Bio, 2018

Alley returns with yet another musically supersonic masterpiece. Describing her as an artist who is ‘just starting out’ would be an understatement entirely. This is because Alley is beyond her years (in speaking from a musical sense). From the way she holds herself, commands her high octane vocals and delivers emotional vulnerability to the finest degree. She is beautifully flawed and empowered when it comes to her latest offering titled Another Man.

As she laments:

“Can I tell you something now, something now (echoed), I have to tell you something now. I want another man, I want another man, I met another man, another man. I love another man…”

It is really here that Alley’s own views come to the surface when it comes to love. Always speaking honestly, Alley sings how she loves another man doing with the utmost respect, confidence and vulnerability. Her vocal style echoes with emotional transcendence and sheer star power.

She has a strong passion for amazing melodies and great arrangements, often echoing the work of influential artists such as Lana Del Rey, Grimes, Florence and The Machine or The Weeknd, only to mention but a few. Ever since she began writing and performing when she was just a teenager, Freya had always been passionate about creating something truly special and original, connecting with her audience through beautiful music and meaningful lyrics. -Alley, Freya, Bio, 2018

Rating: Sonically Fresh

With a mystical presence about her, Alley returns with yet another astounding music track. Presenting a unique love ballad which flips the standard formula of relationships on its head. Another Man showcases a women’s perspective to loving another man. It is a song that is poetically conversational and beautifully poised. With a lot of rawness and star power, Alley is pushing yet more boundaries when it comes to her music. Never afraid to experiment, Alleys music is so unique that it feels too far away to eclipse. But with her hardworking personality and humble attitude, Alley lets her music speak volumes as she provides us with an intimate experience focusing on love, relationships and honesty. 

Overall Another Man is sure to be 2018’s guilty pleasure, focusing on breakups. With its unconventional lyrical approach, Another Man will be sure to have you pressing the repeat button more than once. As Alley makes you stay a little while longer, letting you be immersed in her transcendental magical vocals once more.





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