Rachelle Rhienne ‘House of Cards’ (2018, Single Review)

Inspired by the writing styles of Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and James Bay, Rachelle Rhienne has been creating huge inroads on the UK music scene and beyond.

Gaining a reputation for writing big emotional power ballads as well as catchy up-tempo Pop tracks, Rachelle Rhienne has since gone on to win a number of songwriting awards and perform at a variety of established music venues around the UK and Europe.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music).

Her new single, House Of Cards was written by Jud Friedman whose credits include Run To You for Whitney Houston and was co-written by Allan Rich and Kurt Schneider.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

Scottish born Rhienne returns with her latest single titled House of Cards.

A song chronicling the plight of love, despair and even loneliness. It is very earnest and emotionally stirring. With Rhienne’s soul rendering vocals and well-controlled power, House of Cards proves itself to be much more than an emotional ballad. As Rhienne laments on House of Cards:

“You were playing me all along, hiding your head but what kind of man does that baby. Because you built this house of cards just to blow it all apart….”

Rating: *****

A sure-fire ballad, House of Cards is effortlessly raw and cinematic. With Rhienne’s remarkable vocal capabilities in reaching those high notes, House of Card’s transcends itself into a ballad for all audiences. With raw emotion, honesty and sheer vulnerability, Rhienne’s latest single will certainly tug at your heartstrings and make you feel major feels in love and despair. A song filled with beautifully composed riffs and subtle instrumentation, House of Cards will lead you to press the repeat button more than once in sheer glee and emotion. 

Details on this along with further information on Rachelle Rhienne can be found on her website www.rachellerhiennemusic.com or you can follow her on social media at www.facebook.com/RachelleRhienneMusic and www.twitter.com/rachellerhienne



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