Hannah Jo ‘Closer’ (2018, Single Review)

Born and raised in London, Hannah Jo’s star quality was spotted early as a child in numerous television appearances where she was singing, acting and dancing. Influenced by the likes of Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera and Beyonce to name but a few, upon finishing drama school Hannah Jo has been writing and performing constantly using each experience to perfect her act.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

Filled with a peppy beat and an infectious chorus, Closer is this year’s undiscovered disco anthem as of late. It is filled with a rhythmic beat and an equally infectious vocal prowess.

On Closer, we begin to witness the rise of Jo who is an up and coming London born singer, as she laments on the opening verse:

“I wanna be so close to you, do all the things you want me too. You want me to spell it out.. Watch the words leave my mouth, I gotta get more close to you…”

Bringing in her own confidence and self-power when it comes to what she wants in love, Jo is determined, ready and motivated. Closer is a catchy song infusing love, confidence and first moves. It is a great debut single from an artist who is just beginning to take charge of her own star power.

Rating: *****

With crisp vocals and an extremely energetic flow, Closer is beautifully composed and articulated. Although serving as a debut single, Closer holds the power to be so much more as each listen cements its own worth. It is a track that has a lot of potential for radio play and beyond. With Jo’s personality at the helm, Closer is ultimately raw and vulnerable in parts as much as it is extremely confident and bold. Hannah Jo is definitely one to watch this year, as she goes from strength to strength with her vocals, lyrical ability and much more. 

Described as being the one to watch, Hannah Jo now releases her new single Closer which is now available to purchase via all major download sites.  Details on this along with further information on Hannah Jo can be found on her website www.facebook.com/hannahjomusicofficial or you can follow her on Instagram at www.instagram.com/hannahjomusicx


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