Stevey ‘Damn Girl Lie’- Single Review (2018)

Raised in the dirt and timber of an eastern Iowa farm, Stevey discovered his voice at the age of 5 by emulating his father’s whistling to old-school country vinyl spinning on the record player.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

Singer-Songwriter Stevey (who is based in Colorado, USA) bares his own soul when singing country. His deep huskiness and self-assured vocals are a testament to himself, as he laments over love, heartbreak and more. With his latest single titled ‘Damn Girl Lie’ narrating a relationship filled with mistrust and unprecedented love. It is a raw and earnest track about one’s deceit in love and how heartbreak can be projected in a variety of forms and ways.

Bringing his own style and command, in a genre of music that is becoming extremely popular in mass markets. Stevey is evolving into Country’s newest talent, as he balances his own earnest personality, relatable songwriting and rugged looks at every turn.

After teaching himself the guitar, Stevey has since gone on to win numerous singing and open mic competitions, amass over 200,000 views on YouTube, perform at a number of top festivals, and feature on American Idol to mention just a few achievements in his music career to date.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

In essence, Stevey is channelling old-school country gold as his music is catchy, whimsical and emotionally honest. Just as a storybook unfolding, ‘Damn Girl Lie’  is beautifully orchestrated with Stevey’s vocals at the helm (with a simple backed guitar and drum set-up, reminiscent of vintage country stylings).

As Stevey sings on the chorus:

“When you lie, damn girl lie, when you still lie.”

We begin to feel him wear his heart on his sleeve. Prompting us to get hold of the bourbon, as we follow Stevey’s journey with love, loss and heartbreak. Typically set up as if we are watching a classic country movie unfold, ‘Damn Girl Lie’ offers confidence, emotion, deceit, promise and new beginnings on Stevey’s part.

Rating: ****

Damn Girl Lie is a self-assured track that will definitely catch your eye, as we begin to see the rise of Country’s newest star. With his old school husky tone and beautifully composed songwriting chops, Stevey will certainly meet your expectations (if not exceed them). Be sure to follow his journey (link below) here on out, as he is definitely one to watch this year. 

Quoted as having a voice like a bearded angel, Stevey has now released his debut EP titled Beneath.  Details on this along with further information on Stevey can be found on his website or you can follow him on social media at and

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