CHOZE ‘Nothing to Lose’ (2018, Single Mini Review)

With an understanding of diversity and a labor towards a united society which is reflected in his music, CHOZE is now en-route to the rocky world of fame and fortune. Aspiring to bring about the metamorphosis that is direly needed by the stagnating Hip-Hop culture, CHOZE’s diligently and realistically crafted music is now beginning to create a huge buzz on the UK music scene and beyond harvesting the attention of Music Week, Huffington Post and NME to name but a few publications.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

‘Nothing to Lose’ grabs your attention straight away, with an infectious and effortless flow from CHOZE himself as he raps lyrical poetry highlighting poverty, society and reflection. It is a track filled with honesty, realness and power. Power coming from CHOZE’s own songwriting, Power coming from the topic CHOZE raps about to the power of the song itself. ‘Nothing to Lose’ is more than a track it is an ode to society to “wake up” to the troubles we are facing and the darkness that surrounds us. Further drawing a spotlight on the darkness and how it affects those of various ages and can influence them negatively.

CHOZE laments “My Words To You” as he flags up a ‘Call for action’ with all eyes on him as he gives us grime realness with an incredible flow, punch and identity. As he further goes on to say “Living on these streets we got nothing to lose”. With an incredibly raw and impactful closing line, ‘Nothing to Lose’ is a mans own experience living “on the streets” first hand. It is an incredibly honest account of CHOZE’s own life experiences as he shares with us his most personal track yet.

Listen to CHOZE’s latest single here:

*Produced by Solid State Pictures Directed and Animated by Halo Jones Music Produced by Skolz

With a raw and catchy hook and an intriguing personality, CHOZE brings us his most earnest track yet and does not disappoint. He is on full throttle as he raps his own ‘lyrical honesty’ giving us realness in the form of poetic justice. 

Rating: *****

Described as being a musical nutter from the gutter, you can find more information on CHOZE by visiting his website or you can follow him on Twitter at 

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