Jimmy H ‘Busker Man’- Single Review

Born in South London but raised in the Republic of Ireland until returning back to his hometown at the age of 20, Jimmy Hennessy’s Irish upbringing has greatly influenced his music through his love for ballads and Folk music.-Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

Hennessy’s own vocals are raw, raspy and very effortless. This is shown even more on his latest offering titled ‘Busker Man’. It is here that we begin to witness Hennessy’s own humble and understated star power, as he reminds us of fellow global folk artists such as Newton Faulkner and Jack Johnson. Although carving his own stamp within the music industry and creating his own lane, it is hard not to compare Hennessey in some way or another to these great artists. With similarities being drawn on lyrical content, attitude and presence. As Hennessy commands his audience in a subtle yet profound way, with energy, emotion and an extremely riveting story about a ‘busker man’.

With Hennessy lamenting:

“He’ll pick us his pennies at the end of day, it’s to the of licence..produce his pay..he’ll walk down his road..a can in his hand..can’t wait for tomorrow that same spot to stand…”

Rating: ****

Overall, Hennessy’s ‘Busker Man’ is pure folk with an engaging narrative and a hauntingly raspy tone coming from Hennessy’s own voice. It is a song that brings us to Hennessy’s own home time and makes us reminiscent of our own respective upbringings and what we each found on our home streets. With an equally infectious chorus compromising of vocal sounds, ‘Busker Man’ will sure meet your expectations (if not exceed them) as you begin to get lost in Hennessy’s own soul rendering voice.

Described as having a powerful, emotional voice, you can find more information on Jimmy Hennessy by visiting his website www.facebook.com/jimmyhennessymusic or you can follow him on Twitter at www.twitter.com/jimmy_h_music

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