D’LuXE ‘Dancing in The Rain’ (2018, Single Review)

Having only formed in December 2016, D’LuXE have come along way in a short space of time. With their debut album, Unified breaking into the UK Top 40 iTunes album chart, the attention the band has been receiving has resulted in their music being featured on numerous ITV2 shows, as well as widespread radio exposure.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

Essex based girl group D’LuXE compromise of Keira, Ellie and Daisy who perform a variety of songs from different decades. Together they are energetic, vibrant and well harmonised. With distinctive vocal abilities and smooth rifts, D’LuXE are more than just your average girl group as they have catapulted themselves incredibly quickly at a rapid pace with their infectious personalities, hard-working attitude and undefeatable energy. With their debut having already been released this year, D’LuXE have now released their latest single titled ‘Dancing in the Rain’.

With a disco-like feel and a very catchy chorus, D.I.T.R is sure to be one of this summers must have hits on each of your playlists. It is direct, confident and very honest with the lyrics themselves exploring love, independence and identity.

As D’LuXE lament:

“Running a fast pace we gotta breathe slowing down down down. We’re in the fast lane..it’s hard to see when there’s no way out…There must be a better way to liven up the darkest days even when the skies are grey… it’s alright…its alright…”- Dancing in The Rain (2018)

It is really here that we begin to witness D’LuXE’s overall talent as a girl band, as they are unified, collaborative and very supportive of each other’s vocal styles. With each voice flowing meticulously from one to another. ‘Dancing in The Rain’ is D’LuXE showing the world that they are just beginning, by releasing a club anthem showcasing love (very reminiscent of global pop band ‘Steps’).

Rating: ***

With well-structured harmonies, incredible control and catchy lyrics, D’LuXE are definitely ones to watch out for in 2018. They are effortless in their vocal abilities and transparent in their storytelling ways, leading their audiences through various emotions and narrative arcs. As they show off their vocal chops even more in their latest track ‘Dancing in The Rain’ (a sure-fire club anthem that will have you pressing the replay button more than once). 

Described as being a girl band raising eyebrows on the current music scene, you can find more information on D’LuXE by following them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dluxegirlband as well as www.twitter.com/dluxegirlband and www.instagram.com/dluxegirlband


Cover Image: Actz Entertainment. 2018. D’LuXE – Actz Entertainment. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.actzentertainment.co.uk/dluxe/. [Accessed 25 July 2018].

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