Nobi ‘Bands Up’ Mini Review (2018, Single)

Having already performed to thousands of people and breaking over 100,000 plays on Soundcloud, the buzz being created about Nobi has resulted in interest from a number of multi-million dollar labels in the US. With tours behind him with the likes of Taylor Gang, Rich Gang and Def Jam, as well as now being a signed model, Nobi’s music has since been described as being highly addictive.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

With high octane energy and a defiant spirit, Nobi is on track to be Raps new underdog incredibly fast. His lyrics are not only infectious but they are incredibly effortless and conversational. In short, his raps are filled with infectious bars, honesty, realness and a lot of confidence.

Nobi’s latest single ‘Bands Up’ is even more powerful and self-assured with a solid performance of upcoming hip-hop artist Rico Nasty. Nasty brings her own attitude and confidence on Nobi’s track, as she equally rivals his verses with a polished sense of comradery and support.

As Nobi himself laments: “I’ve been booming out these speakers get them bands up….I’ve been booming out these speakers get them, bands…hoe you changed now aye, getting rich now aye….”

Rating: ****

Overall, ‘Bands Up’ certainly showcases up and coming rap talent that is certainly worthy of even more appreciation and love. If not for the rappers own respective chemistry, then for the honest lyricism and infectious beat that the song holds. With a short run time, Bands Up sure make you press the repeat button more than once (if not even more). It is really here that we get to sample Nobi’s own talent as a fresh new artist who is going from strength to strength as ‘Bands Up’ is the perfect vehicle for Nobi to be known and to gain more recognition through as his aura speaks volumes by telling us to “watch this space”.

More information on Nobi can be found by following him on Twitter at


Cover Photo: Courtesy of Spotify/Nobi (official)

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