Just A Jester ‘Make it Easier’ (Single Review)

Having supported the likes of Van Morrison, performed at Glastonbury 7 times, played with Stuart Copeland from The Police, not to mention playing live on BBC 1 to over 7 million viewers, Tim Whittaker aka Just A Jester has had an illustrious career in the music industry. Previously promoted by Deuce in May 2018, Just A Jester now releases his third solo track Make It Easier. – Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

Singer-Songwriter Just A Jester (based in London, UK) brings his soft melancholy vocals to his breezy third single titled ‘Make it Easier’. His own lyricism is beautifully honest and effortless as he laments:

“Can I get where I want too faster in a big pair of shoes, can I learn how to be the master and forget how to lose…Make it easier….Less of that pressure hanging over me”.

It is here that we get to witness Jester’s own songwriting skills, as each sentence is poetically stimulating and motivating.

‘Make it Easier’ is for those that have been told they cannot do something or who have been told they are simply not good enough. ‘Make it Easier’ is much more than a track, as it is this summer’s underdog anthem that we didn’t know we needed till now. Filled with synth-like instrumentation, alongside Jester’s echoey vocals, M.I.E will be sure to tug at your heartstrings as each lyric will resonate with you and more upon every listen.

Overall, ‘Make it Easier’ is extremely honest and emotionally woven as Jester further sings:

“Don’t give up on your dreams…You’re a star in the making”


It is really through this line that Jester encapsulates self-love and honesty like none other. As he distributes a call for action that we are all ‘stars in the making’ through one way or another.

Rating: *****

More information on this along with additional details on Just Jester can be found by visiting his website www.facebook.com/timothy.d.whitaker

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