Claudia Balla ‘Perfect’ (2018, Single Review)

“Having been writing songs and playing the piano since the tender age of eight, Claudia Balla has since gone on to make huge inroads on the European music scene.

The release of her new single Perfect has already resulted in radio play and TV exposure in her home country of Switzerland as well as Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Italy with more likely to follow over the coming months.”- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

 Balla is no stranger to the spotlight having released a few albums before. Her music style pairs poetic imagery with contemporary electro beats. With Balla, each of her songs carries a significant meaning and justification. She is a songwriter second and a storyteller first.


‘Perfect’ finds Balla giving it her all in a song that is globally significant and needed in today’s day and age. It is a cultural reminder of change, new beginnings and action. Paired with her distinct vocals and emotional control, Balla is triumphant on a motivating track filled with electronic sounds, prowess and a lot of impact.

“Powerfully dealing with the current global social status of women and the challenges they have to overcome, ‘perfect’ has been described as combining dark harmonic elements with a driving beat and contemporary pop production.”-Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)

Rating: *****

With solid production, tight-knit lyrics and a lot of personality, Balla’s ‘perfect’ is very reminiscent of global pop singer ‘Pink’ and her track ‘Perfect’ (of the same name). In the way that both songs carry a significant global message of self-care, identity, empowerment and change. Although both are different sonically and lyrically, they still carry a deeper message and certainly resonate with listeners first hand. 

Overall Balla is well versed and informed, as her songwriting is impactful, direct and effortless. It is here that we witness Balla’s own rise as an artist through her latest single ‘Perfect’. Whilst also witnessing what she has to offer for us through her anticipated EP (available now).

Details on how you can purchase Perfect along with additional information on Claudia Balla can be found on her website or you can follow her on social media at and


Video: Youtube/Claudia Balla/Specimen/2018
Photo: [Claudia Balla]

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