Maisie Bourke ‘Don’t Let Him’- Single Review

“Having sung and produced her first song at the age of 11, Maisie has not looked back since. Now releasing her new single Don’t Let Him which was recorded at Charthouse Music in London where the likes of Sam Smith and Pixie Lott to name but a few have recorded, the future is looking increasingly bright for her”.Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)    

With her strong sense of identity, independence and vocal maturity, Bourke is going from strength to strength as she releases her next single titled ‘Don’t Let Him’. At only 17, Bourke showcases the bewitching command of her own vocals. She is hauntingly distinct and emotive as each word she sings is beautifully impactful and sorrow filled. Similar to her own songwriting style, Bourke leaves nothing off the cards as she discusses love, loyalty, deceit and self-awakening(s).

As she laments on the hook:
“Could you feel in his touch
or hear it in his voice…
Could you see it in his eyes
I could hear it as he left
And feel it as he cried…”
It is here that Bourke shows off her vocal styles and really works with her own emotions by bringing more depth and clarity to each lyric. As if one is watching Bourke confront one of her lovers on his mistreatment of her, ‘Don’t Let Him’ is poignantly raw and earnest. On the whole, it is Bourke’s own independent letter to herself showing her own self that she is enough and always will be. Further made more prominent as we see her discuss her own deceit with love and how she has been let down. Further made more vocal by a few impactful piano chords repeating slowly alongside Bourke’s impressive voice.


 Rating: ****
‘Don’t Let Him’ is as much powerful as it is impressive. At only 17, Bourke encapsulates heartbreak and deceit in such a polished and mature way. She is unapologetically honest as she lays her own heart on the line and gives us a track narrating deceitful love. Making her even more interesting to watch as she is just beginning her own evolution as a young artist.


Details on this along with further information on Maisie can be found on her website or you can follow her on social media at


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Video: Bourke.M/Youtube. (2018). Don’t Let Him – Maisie Bourke. [Online Video]. 15 June 2018. Available from: [Accessed: 10 July 2018].


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