Freya Alley ‘Come Back’ (2018)- Single Review

Having moved to London from Lithuania in 2011 to pursue her music career, Freya Alley has not looked back since.After teaming up with songwriter Laurence Hobbs from Charthouse Music who has had multiple chart successes with the likes of Sam Smith and Pixie Lott, Freya Alley now releases her new single Come Back.- Rob Saunders (Deuce Music)
 Upon first listen, ‘Come Back’ is beautifully poignant and honest. With an orchestral feel and ballad-like structure, ‘Come Back’ will have you coming back to Alley’s unique voice (literally). She is hauntingly earnest and effortless, as each lyric sets out to touch the soul. Her songwriting is very personal and unfiltered as it is her way of communicating and connecting with her audience.
With mass appeal and bold vocals, Alleys own vocal style is very reminiscent of acclaimed pop artists Lykke Li & Banks respectively. Placing her own range somewhere in the middle, as she serves as a fusion of both artists with her own flair and perspective.
With Alley, each of her songs are atmospheric and big. She is a star in the making with no signs of stopping. With her latest single ‘Come Back’ Alley convinces us why she is worth listening too and how much more she has to offer.
On ‘Come Back’ Alley laments:
“You took all my love and gave me white roses. You didn’t say much just took me on the road with you. I gave you my heart, you said you would keep it safe when I opened my eyes I was on my own again…”
 It is here that she weaves in poetic vulnerability and love into one wholesome track. It is shatteringly direct and beautiful. Alley weaves her masterstroke so well that it is as if she has been excelling in her craft for years when in reality she is just entering the scene.
 Rating: *****
Delicately intriguing and poetic ‘Come Back’ is Alley’s claim to a wider audience and more mass appeal. She is a true star in the making and is beginning to imprint her own soul and artistic mark into the music world. Certainly, one to watch this summer, Alley is definitely going onto bigger things as she shines brighter with each verse, poetic delivery and ballad-like track. 
Described as having a sound being atmospheric, cinematic and poetic, you can find more information on Freya Alley by visiting her website or you can follow her on social media at and
Cover Image: Freya Alley. 2018. Freya Alley | Music Artist. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 05 July 2018].

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